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Updates in my new PRNGs - Namir - 02-25-2015 01:45 PM

Hi All,

I have published on my web site and update for my random number generators. If you click here you will see at the bottom list item links to the three-part study that I did. You will also see a link to a zip file that contains several folders of Matlab files. While teh articles have many pages, most of them are data tables and graphs. You should be able to browse through them easily.

I performed several enhancements to the algorithm and in part 3 expanded on my lack-of-randomness penalty factor (which I simply call factor in the articles). I added the change-of-sign statistic and the Kolmogorov-Smirnov statistics. I calculate the factor as a sum of weighted statistics that measure randomness. I explain the terms that make up calculating the factors and what they basically cover.

The results are very encouraging (see part 3) since my algorithm produces factors less than many common algorithms used in calculators and computer applications.

This is a labor of love that has lasted several months (since October) with several machines that were running around the clock to generate hundreds of millions of random numbers!

Whoever said that designing new PRNG algorithms is not easy, knew what he was talking about. It's been fun and I am happy with the outcome.