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HP Connectivity and refresh - salvomic - 02-15-2015 09:35 PM

after I made a refresh with Prime connected, if I open in HP Connectivity Kit (v. 2014 12 3. Rev.6975) a program (QPI) I get a window apparently void with title QPI* but the program is still in the Prime.
Closing, disconnecting and reconnecting doesn't change.
What could be the problem?

More: if I paste the code (i.e. from the emulator) in the void window and save, Connectivity Kit crashes.

Prime on a loop inserting a radical - salvomic - 02-18-2015 08:53 PM

any help, please...

The problem persist.

I noted that in /Users/user/Documents/HP-Connectivity Kit is been deleted the file QPI.hpprgm; if I copy it (from Emulator directory), after a refresh of Prime (in CK) the file is again deleted.
The program in CK seems to be in editing (QPI* with star in the name), with its window blank, but the program is in the Prime and it's ok there.

I had recreated the file but after a bit there was the same problem.
I haven't got similar problems with other programs, luckily.

Perhaps in the Prime there is something opened (editing? debug?), but I cannot see anything.