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OLED calculator - Joseph_21sv - 02-04-2015 07:52 PM

In my latest post to my own landscape alphanumeric calculator thread, I mention by way of response to Jim Horn that, as a way to bootstrap the machine, we could remake the HP-67 with an alphanumeric OLED display to do a hardware emulation of that project. However, the unrealized upside of this, should anyone choose to embark upon making an OLED calculator, is that however barebones they make it, it will be an entirely unique machine among the thousands of models of LCD calculators—in and out of production—currently in the field. Of course, no one in this forum would imagine simply homebrewing a basic 8-digit 4-function calculator—even with an OLED display—just being members here strictly excludes any one of us seriously having a thought so low as that. Nor do we really need to make something programmable even as unsophisticated as a Commodore P50 as the mere idea of an OLED calculator—RPN or otherwise—is extremely underrated, which is a shame given that the coolness-to-money ratio of even a basic 8-digit 4-function calculator—regardless of what entry logic it uses—will be very high when it has an OLED display. But we are above seriously considering homebrewing something that low-end, so just imagine how much cooler an OLED display makes an even entry-level RPN scientific calculator without provision for automation of keystrokes. That said, who will be interested in designing and producing this calculator?