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Hp 55 and compucorp 326/392 - Geoff Quickfall - 01-24-2015 08:31 AM

I am restoring a Monroe compucorp 326 and thanks to Katie I have a 392 tape drive for it along with carry case and power supply.

While searching the web I found the following HP 55 report from 1975.

Interesting in as much as the reduced programming set (49 lines) is an advantage as a teaching system.


Check it out.


Yes and working on the book Walter :-)

RE: Hp 55 and compucorp 326/392 - walter b - 01-24-2015 09:05 AM

Nice read, thanks for sharing. It always buffles me how primitive layouts could be just 40 years ago. Nowadays, this won't be accepted even for a flyer anymore.

And - when working on the book, Geoff, don't you forget the commas etc. Remember grandpa! Wink


RE: Hp 55 and compucorp 326/392 - Katie Wasserman - 01-24-2015 02:32 PM

Interesting find, but other than the reference at the bottom of the document it has nothing to do with the Compucorp/Monroe 326. You must have really been digging for stuff!

Programming simple RPN machines is indeed a lot like assembler. Many years ago when I taught a beginning computer course, I wrote a 6 or 7 instruction assembly language simulator in BASIC so that I give low-level programming assignments to my students without them having to learn the operating system/editor/assembler in RSTS/E. But I probably should have made them all go out and buy HP-10C's (they had just come out) to do them on. Not only would they have been able to do the "homework" at home, they'd now have a collector's item worth hundreds of dollars.

RE: Hp 55 and compucorp 326/392 - walter b - 01-24-2015 05:53 PM

The HP-11C got a lot more power for the buck. Though its MRR would have been lower.


RE: Hp 55 and compucorp 326/392 - Geoff Quickfall - 01-24-2015 08:04 PM


You are right Katie, I have being digging deep for the 326 info, and that is how I found out about the 55 article.

The gc-1000 is powered up but will not sense the www signal using the wall wart. It does with the AC cord but with the heat problems. Could be the wall wart is noisy. So back to thinking about the power regulator swap.


Commas, delimiters, ex!clamation mar!ks, pun:ctuation ... --- ... ... --- ...


Also the HP 11c is much more powerful THAN the 10c so it defeats the purpose of elegant coding based on reduced memory limitations. I remember the tricks one could do on my new 25 while sitting in comp 101 in 1975 trying to understand ALGOL W.


Wishing the book all the best - walter b - 01-24-2015 09:21 PM


(01-24-2015 08:04 PM)Geoff Quickfall Wrote:  Also the HP 11 is much more powerful then the 10 ...

I think we can agree that spelling is none of your top strengths. Confused We know punctuation isn't either. Thus, I sincerely hope you know somebody who will proofread your book before it goes in print. For that job, I did expect a native writer should be better than somebody else. Though observations on this marketplace are irritating. Confused Anyway, good luck and many happy landings!

[frown] d:-I

RE: Hp 55 and compucorp 326/392 - Geoff Quickfall - 01-24-2015 10:42 PM


1- I need a WALTER-B Ver. 1.0 algorithm for my iPad auto correct.
2- I need to proof read my postings when I use the iPad!
3- my typing and proof reading skills for the book are orders of magnitude greater then quick finger poking on the forum! Also, my wife proofs my grammar and writing at home constantly, especially with respect to non-casual correspondence.