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pioneer collection growing... - ElectroDuende - 11-02-2014 01:28 AM

I've just got today a nice 22s for just over $30... That almost completed my scientific pioneer collection. Sadly, the only member I don't still have is the scarce (or expensive) 42s that, for the moment, goes at a price I'm not willing to pay... I got all the rest for under $50, and that it's my limit for the moment... And what makes it even more sad is that I had one once, and sold it for about 60€ to get a 48G (what I don't regret at all, as I found it much easier too operate, was with me during my whole engineering degree, and still serves to me when doing power grid calculations).

Regarding the business pioneers, I lack the 10and 14, but it doesn't seem a problem to find them cheap. I just didn't found the motivation yet.