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Emulators and licenses - Claudio L. - 10-30-2014 09:24 PM

I was looking for Android and iPhone emulators for the 50g, and I came across some that correctly expressed that they were derived works from Emu48, or x48, gave credit and showed the GPL license and their source code is in Github, sourceforge, etc.
Some others, though, don't say a word. The authors don't give any credit or show the GPL license or any source code, as if the emulator was 100% written from scratch by them (which is perfectly possible, but a huge undertaking for relatively inexpensive apps, so quite unlikely). Does anyone here know or ever checked if they actually are just skins and interfacing code with the core from emu48 or similar? Perhaps some of the authors might be reading this forum and clarify if they have their own emulation core or they are using an open source one?
If they are and don't give credit, they are in violation of copyright. I don't mind paying 10 us$ to the authors that properly give credit and published their sources, they deserve it for their interface and porting effort, but wouldn't give a cent to those who steal GPL code for their own benefit, and would like this community to be on watch for cases like this.
Before you buy, ask where the emulation core comes from, and check to see if proper credit is given to the original authors.