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[BUG] Emulator - Han - 09-15-2014 02:04 AM

Connect the actual HP Prime to your PC and run the emulator. On the emulator, choose Calculator > Connect To > HP Prime to connect the emulator with the HP Prime.

If you are in the Program Catalog, then the "Send" menu button appears, but the emulator screen starts to show screen tearing (perhaps refreshing too much?). Pressing [Esc] without sending anything puts the emulator in the help screen. Unfortunately, the emulator seems unresponsive afterward. To regain control of the emulator, disconnect the emulator from the HP Prime.

If you aren't in the Program Catalog, then this should place the emulator in the app menu (sometimes it does not and you can see the over-refreshing of the screen). Similar problems occur, basically. Regain emulator control as described above.