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FOR SALE: New-in-box HP-15C CE with *corrected* embedded HP-16C - Valentin Albillo - 11-23-2023 10:25 PM

(Anuncio bilingüe / Bilingual add: ROJO: texto en Español, BLUE: English text.)

Hola a todos,

Debido a una serie de circunstancias he recibido *dos* paquetes desde The Calculator Store conteniendo la nueva HP-15C CE (Collector's Edition) que incluye una HP-16C embebida dentro, pero con el firmware ya parcheado que elimina el error que hacía la 16C inusable en modo DEC , por lo cual la 16C está completamente funcional desde ya mismo, sin necesidad de esperar para poder conseguir el cable y el firmare corregido para actualizarlo uno mismo, ni tener que enviarla y pagar dinero extra para que la actualicen.

Yo iba a devolver la segunda unidad a TCS,pero entonces pensé que quizás a alguna persona aquí podria interesarle la oportunidad de conseguir una HP-15C CE completamente nueva y en su caja (¡ el paquete está sin abrir !) con una HP-16C embebida completamente funcional, y de total acuerdo con TCS la estoy ofreciendo a la venta a toda persona interesada.

La venta se cerraría en persona, no enviaré el paquete por correo sino que me reuniré con el comprador interesado en Madrid (España) donde le entregaré el paquete sin abrir mientras nos tomamos un café (yo invito) y presumiblemente tenemos una agradable y relajada conversación sobre calculadoras HP (y puede que SHARP también), el comprador me paga en metálico (129.99 €, el precio en TCS, sin gastos de envío ni de actualización del firmware) y después yo le enviaré el dinero a TCS, que serán los responsables a efectos de garantía, etc.

¿ Que obtiene el comprador ? Una HP-15C CE completamente nueva y en su caja sin abrir, con una HP-16C totalmente funcional embebida en su interior, sin tener que esperar para poder actualizar el firmware defectuoso, sin gastos de envío ni actualización, más soporte y garantía por parte de TCS, y la oportunidad de conversar conmigo mientras saboreamos un café (¡ yo invito !). Por supuesto, como ya he mencionadao, el comprador debe poder y estar dispuesto a reunirse conmigo en Madrid (España)).

Si te interesa y/o tienes preguntas al respecto, por favor envíame un PM (Mensaje Privado) y discutiremos los detalles. Solo tengo esta para vender así que el primer interesado se la lleva. Será un regalo o auto-regalo fantástico para Navidad !!  Smile


Hi, all,

Due to a series of circumstances I've received *two* packages from The Calculator Store containing the new HP-15C CE (Collector's Edition) which includes an HP-16C embedded therein, but this one already has the patched firmware which removes the bug that made the 16C unusable in DEC mode, thus the 16C is fully functional right now, no need to wait to try and get a cable and corrected firmware to update it yourself or having to send it out and pay extra money to have the update performed.

I was going to return this second unit to TCS, but then I thought that perhaps some people here would love the opportunity to get a new-in-box (unopened package !) HP-15C CE with a corrected, fully functional HP-16C embedded, and in full agreement with TCS I'm offering it here for sale to interested people.

The sale would be in person, I'm not sending the package over the mail but I'll meet with the interested buyer in Madrid (Spain) where I'll give them the unopened package while drinking some coffee (I'll buy) and presumably having a nice, relaxed conversation about HP calcs (maybe SHARP's too !,) then the buyer pays me in cash (129.99 €, as per TCS's price, no shipping payment, no firmware's update payment) and afterwards i'll send the money to TCS, which will take full responsibility for the calc (warranty, etc.)

What do you get ? A brand-new, unopened HP-15C CE which very few people own right now because it comes with a corrected, fully functional HP-16C embedded inside, without having to wait for reflashing the buggy one, without having to pay for shipment, cable or firmware reflashing, plus full support (warranty) given by TCS, and the opportunity to have a conversation with me while sipping coffee (I buy !). Of course, as stated, you must be able and willing to meet me in Madrid (Spain).

If interested or having any questions, please send me a PM and we'll discuss the details. I only have this one for sale so first come, first served. It'll be a fantastic, unique present or self-present for Christmas !! Smile


RE: FOR SALE: New-in-box HP-15C CE with *corrected* embedded HP-16C - johnb - 11-24-2023 09:51 PM

If I were a rich man, I would use this as an excuse to buy an airplane ticket to Madrid to come and visit... and, of course, to add to my modest-but-slowly-growing collection! :-D

RE: FOR SALE: New-in-box HP-15C CE with *corrected* embedded HP-16C - Valentin Albillo - 12-17-2023 04:15 AM


Thanks for your interest, johnb. This calculator is already SOLD. I delivered it personally to the kind buyer when we met a few days ago and we had an interesting conversation over a latte. Now I'll send the payment to José Divasson (TCS) via PayPal, thus finally "desfaciendo el entuerto" for good. Smile

Besides all the things I mentioned in the description above, the package also included the HP-16C overlay plus all the keys were thoroughly tested and did work perfectly, so the buyer explicitly manifested that they were extremely satisfied with the purchase, as they got a brand-new HP-15C CE with fully-functional embedded HP-16C already flashed and tested, including overlay and perfect keyboard, while saving all shipping costs, hazards and delays, thus getting the calc in hand immediately.

Oh, and last but not least, free latte and entertainment !