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Wp34s - How to compile realbuild flash bin? - lamaflieger - 04-16-2023 10:43 AM


i want to make some minor changes on the Wp34s relating the units-conversion.
i am on a Win10 System.
Is there a manual/description what i need to compile the WP34s bin?

Best regards

RE: Wp34s - How to compile realbuild flash bin? - Nigel (UK) - 04-17-2023 10:16 AM

Here's some instructions for compiling under Windows 7 that I wrote back in 2012 (!)
Building the WP-34s firmware on a computer running 64-bit Windows 7
This may still work - I tend to use Linux now for compiling.

Incidentally, these instructions are as old as the laptop that I am still using today - I'm rather proud of this!

Nigel (UK)

RE: Wp34s - How to compile realbuild flash bin? - pascal_meheut - 04-18-2023 01:10 AM

(04-17-2023 10:16 AM)Nigel (UK) Wrote:  This may still work - I tend to use Linux now for compiling.

And this may be a good idea as Windows 10 offers the WSL, a fully integrated Linux subsystem.
I find it easier when I need an Unix environnement than to use Mingw or Cygwin like I did in the past.

RE: Wp34s - How to compile realbuild flash bin? - lamaflieger - 04-18-2023 03:48 PM

Thanks for your help.

It tried to compile on the Win10 with this error:
Maybe someone has an idea? If not i will try it on linux.


arm-none-eabi-gcc.exe (GCC) 4.6.0
Copyright (C) 2011 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
This is free software; see the source for copying conditions.  There is NO

mingw32-gcc -Wall -O1 -g -DHOSTBUILD=1 -m32 -DREALBUILD=1 -o windows32_realbuild/genchars7.exe genchars7.c
windows32_realbuild/genchars7.exe >charset7.h
42 undefined characters of 121 total
mingw32-gcc -Wall -O1 -g -DHOSTBUILD=1 -m32 -DREALBUILD=1 -o windows32_realbuild/genfont.exe genfont.c
mingw32-gcc -Wall -O1 -g -DHOSTBUILD=1 -m32 -DREALBUILD=1 -IdecNumber -DNEED_D64FROMSTRING=1 -DNEED_D128FROMSTRING=1 -o windows32_realbuild/compile_consts.exe compile_consts.c decNumber/decNumber.c decNumber/decContext.c decNumber/decimal64.c decNumber/decimal128.c
cd windows32_realbuild \
        && ./compile_consts.exe "../" "../windows32_realbuild/obj/" \
        && mingw32-make "CFLAGS=-mthumb -mcpu=arm7tdmi -Os -fira-region=one -Wall -g -fno-common -fno-exceptions  -DREALBUILD=1 -Dat91sam7l128=1 -Iatmel -DNO_BACKUP_INIT=1 -DNO_RAM_COPY=1 -I../.." -j2 -C consts
mingw32-make[1]: Entering directory `c:/Users/tuppen/Desktop/Code/trunk/windows32_realbuild/consts'
arm-none-eabi-ar q ../../windows32_realbuild/obj/libconsts.a const_NaN.o const_inf.o const__inf.o const__3.o const__2.o const__1.o const__0.o const_0.o const_1.o const_2.o const_3.o const_4.o const_5.o const_6.o const_7.o const_8.o const_9.o const_10.o const_15.o const_16.o const_20.o const_21.o const_32.o const_45.o const_50.o const_60.o const_90.o const_100.o const_150.o const_180.o const_200.o const_256.o const_300.o const_360.o const_400.o const_500.o const_9000.o const_36000.o const_100000.o const_1e_32.o const_1e_37.o const_1e_10000.o const_1e_24.o const_1e_14.o const_hms_threshold.o const_0_0001.o const_0_001.o const_0_1.o const_0_0195.o const_0_2.o const_0_2214.o const_0_25.o const_0_04.o const_0_05.o const_0_4.o const_0_5.o const__0_5.o const_0_6.o const_0_665.o const_0_75.o const_0_85.o const_0_9.o const_0_97.o const_0_995.o const_2on3.o const_5on6.o const_1on60.o const_1_3.o const_1_5.o const_1_7.o const_9on5.o const_2_326.o const_root2on2.o const_e.o const_PI.o const_2PI.o const_sqrt2PI.o const_recipsqrt2PI.o const_PIon2.o const_PIon180.o const_PIon200.o const_ln2.o const_ln10.o const_phi.o const_egamma.o const__1onPI.o const_2pow64.o const_randfac.o const_gammaR.o const_gammaC00.o const_gammaC01.o const_gammaC02.o const_gammaC03.o const_gammaC04.o const_gammaC05.o const_gammaC06.o const_gammaC07.o const_gammaC08.o const_gammaC09.o const_gammaC10.o const_gammaC11.o const_gammaC12.o const_gammaC13.o const_gammaC14.o const_gammaC15.o const_gammaC16.o const_gammaC17.o const_gammaC18.o const_gammaC19.o const_gammaC20.o const_gammaC21.o
arm-none-eabi-ar: creating ../../windows32_realbuild/obj/libconsts.a
arm-none-eabi-ranlib ../../windows32_realbuild/obj/libconsts.a
mingw32-make[1]: Leaving directory `c:/Users/tuppen/Desktop/Code/trunk/windows32_realbuild/consts'
mingw32-gcc -Wall -O1 -g -DHOSTBUILD=1 -m32 -DREALBUILD=1 -o windows32_realbuild/lcdgen.exe lcdgen.c
windows32_realbuild/lcdgen.exe >lcdmap.h
mingw32-make[1]: Entering directory `C:/Users/tuppen/Desktop/Code/trunk/decNumber'
mingw32-make[1]: Nothing to be done for `all'.
mingw32-make[1]: Leaving directory `C:/Users/tuppen/Desktop/Code/trunk/decNumber'
mingw32-gcc -Wall -O1 -g -DHOSTBUILD=1 -m32 -DREALBUILD=1 -o windows32_realbuild/post_process.exe post_process.c
mingw32-gcc -Wall -O1 -g -DHOSTBUILD=1 -m32 -DREALBUILD=1 -o windows32_realbuild/create_revision.exe create_revision.c
rm -f windows32_realbuild/compile_cats.exe catalogues.h xrom.c
mingw32-make HOSTCC=mingw32-gcc REALBUILD=1 DISABLE_XTAL= XTAL= INFRARED= catalogues.h xrom.c
mingw32-make[1]: Entering directory `C:/Users/tuppen/Desktop/Code/trunk'
mingw32-gcc -Wall -O1 -g -DHOSTBUILD=1 -m32 -DREALBUILD=1 -IdecNumber -o windows32_realbuild/compile_cats.exe compile_cats.c
windows32_realbuild/compile_cats.exe >catalogues.h 2>tools/wp34s.op
mingw32-gcc -E -P -x c -Ixrom -DCOMPILE_XROM=1 xrom.wp34s > xrom_pre.wp34s
tools/wp34s_asm.pl -pp -op tools/wp34s.op -c -o xrom.c xrom_pre.wp34s
// WARNING: Unrecognized O/S (msys). Some features may not work as expected.
// WP 34S assembly preprocessor enabled: '-pp'
// Opcode map source: tools/wp34s.op (specified)
// Opcode SVN version: -- unknown --
// Running WP 34S preprocessor from: C:/Users/tuppen/Desktop/Code/trunk/tools/wp34s_pp.pl
mingw32-make[1]: Leaving directory `C:/Users/tuppen/Desktop/Code/trunk'
windows32_realbuild/create_revision.exe >revision.h
'git' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.
Unable to read git revision from temporary output file: No error
    Executing 'svnversion -n >s8t8.'
    No revision number obtained from subversion (invalid)
    Executing 'git svn find-rev `git rev-parse master` >s8t8.1'
    Revision number will be 0

arm-none-eabi-gcc -mthumb -mcpu=arm7tdmi -Os -fira-region=one -Wall -g -fno-common -fno-exceptions  -DREALBUILD=1 -Dat91sam7l128=1 -Iatmel -DNO_BACKUP_INIT=1 -DNO_RAM_COPY=1 -IdecNumber -o realbuild/calc -nostartfiles  -T wp34s.lds -Wl,--gc-sections,-Map=realbuild/mapfile.txt \
        atmel/board_cstartup.S asone.c -nostdlib -lgcc -Lwindows32_realbuild/obj -lconsts -fwhole-program -ldecNum34s # -save-temps
C:\Users\tuppen\AppData\Local\Temp\ccANLfVt.o: In function `cmd_off':
C:\Users\tuppen\Desktop\Code\trunk/xeq.c:251: undefined reference to `shutdown_calc'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [realbuild/calc.bin] Error 1

RE: Wp34s - How to compile realbuild flash bin? - Nigel (UK) - 04-19-2023 07:37 PM

Looking at the WP34S source code (r3914) I see that the function shutdown_calc doesn't seem to be defined anywhere, although shutdown is. Looking at this Sourceforge page I see that some functions, including shutdown, were renamed in release 3912; perhaps this hasn't been completed?
My recommendation: change all occurrences of shutdown_calc to shutdown. Since you don't appear to be using iOS this shouldn't cause any further problems, and it may fix the existing one.

Nigel (UK)

RE: Wp34s - How to compile realbuild flash bin? - johnb - 06-03-2023 03:07 PM

lamaflieger Wrote:It tried to compile on the Win10 with this error:
Maybe someone has an idea?

I see an error saying it cannot find 'Git'. Git is a revision control system. Presumably, one of your makefiles is set up to pull any updates down from a public repository to your local drive, so that you're always building off of something like a "latest stable version" branch.

If you have a complete set of source code and you don't want to fool around with Git, you'll have to strip that part out from your makefile(s) so it just builds what you have there.

RE: Wp34s - How to compile realbuild flash bin? - Paul Dale - 06-03-2023 10:22 PM

The bit using git is extracting the version number of the source code to include in the final image. It's not critical but is useful.