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R.I.P. Jack Stout - CHIP - Brian Walsh - 08-11-2014 06:37 PM

Those of you who may have attended special meetings or HP handheld conferences sponsored by CHIP, the group founded in 1976 by Craig "Pinball Wizard" Pearce as the Chicago chapter of PPC, met long time CHIP coordinator Jack Stout.

Jack passed away peacefully in his sleep on July 30, 2014. He was 85.

A few of us CHIP members attended Jack's Celebration of Life services this past Saturday at an area funeral home, followed by lunch at a restaurant a few miles away.

Jack is survived by his wife Barbara and their four children (Mike, Glenn, Kathy, and Keith) and quite a few grandchildren. Jack's sister, who lives in the home they grew up in in Berwick, Pennsylvania, was unable to attend.

Glenn graciously videotaped the services and posted it on YouTube, as well as a large photo album as a video also on YouTube. Because these are private and were asked not to be circulated publicly, I am not posting the URLs of them but can send them to you upon request. Please email me, bpwalsh (at) gmail.

I had the honor of saying a few words at the celebration service. It was a genuine privilege to know Jack.

A few of us (Ron Johnson, George (Al) Duba, Paul and Brenda Hubbert, Til Carlson, and I) attended the dual celebration of Jack and Barb's 59th wedding anniversary and Barb's 80th birthday last November. Although Jack was unable to speak, he was all smiles and in pretty good condition that day -- the party and seeing so many of his friends really lifted his spirits.

Brian Walsh

RE: R.I.P. Jack Stout - CHIP - rprosperi - 08-11-2014 11:27 PM

Thanks for posting this Brian.

Jack was a fun guy, I fondly remember PPC meetings in Chicago with Jack, and the 'before' parties at Ace Metal were always interesting with the latest toys, programs and caculator/tech stories.

Be sure to say Hi to Paul for me as well, haven't seen him in many, many years.

RE: R.I.P. Jack Stout - CHIP - Namir - 08-12-2014 01:52 AM

Jack was an awesome host. I remember on June 15, 1980, he drove a van to pick me and other folks attending the 1980 PPC annual meeting. He was always a fantastic host in the years that followed as he opened the ACE Metal facilities for PPC, CHHU, and HHC meetings.

We will miss him. May peace and love shine the path before him.