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Clear plastic/ prototype Omnibook 800 lot - derekw - 09-27-2022 12:16 AM

Selling a lot of early/prototype Omnibook 800 equipment to include 2 functioning laptops and related accessories. Inventory includes:

1) Omnibook 800 (Pentium 166) in clear plastic.
2) Omnibook 800CT (Pentium 150)
3) (2) Spare clear battery cases.
4) (3) external 3.5" floppy drives
5) (2) external CD-ROM drives
6) External battery charger
7) (2) power adapters HP-1044B
8) Automotive adapter HP-1064A
9) Misc cables
Please note that many of these items are pre-production and may not have final/retail labels, colors, textures, or functionality. Note that although both computers turn on and load windows 95, they are being SOLD AS-IS. Battery health is almost certainly poor. There is some kind of flicker in the video of the clear unit, this was not present last time I booted it up approximately 2 years ago. Other items/accessories are untested.

I'll take $750 for the lot. Your offers are welcome. Thanks!