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Hallowed Ground - markhen - 07-15-2022 06:03 AM

I had reason to be in Corvallis, OR, area so I had to make a pilgrimage to what is left of HP's legacy in this small town - imagining all the great minds that worked on our beloved HP calcs!

RE: Hallowed Ground - EdS2 - 07-15-2022 06:31 AM

An historical monument!

Is there any connection at all - like a small exodus of staff perhaps - between HP in Corvallis and Oregon Scientific a couple of hours away in Portland? The present website only implies that the company predates a 1989 change of control, when IDT acquired 50% of an existing technology partner. But a previous iteration said:
Quote:Oregon Scientific was established in 1989 as an entrepreneurial start up in Portland, Oregon. A place known for its high technology capabilities and its pioneering spirit. The company's objective was to create and market products providing access to personal information electronically. The first concept developed by the Oregon Scientific's team was a state-of-art personal information manager - Axxess. Utilizing the emerging touch screen technology, the product offered the best technical solution to personal users but the price was considered too high by consumers entering this rapidly forming new segment.

Oregon Scientific sought lower-cost but high quality manufacturing in the Pacific Rim and found a partner in Integrated Display Technology. IDT, a leader in Liquid Crystal Display technology and Oregon Scientific formed a joint venture to redevelop and re-launch the Axxess product. At the same time Oregon Scientific began a sales and marketing campaign of several of IDT's time keeping and weather related products which had then a limited market presence in the USA.

Although Axxess never found the success that the original engineers and marketers of Oregon Scientific had hoped, the company began to build a solid niche with unique products directed toward the technology hungry" early-adopters."

RE: Hallowed Ground - Joe Horn - 07-15-2022 12:16 PM

(07-15-2022 06:03 AM)markhen Wrote:  I had reason to be in Corvallis, OR...

The late, great John McGechie used to refer to it as "Corvalhalla". Big Grin

RE: Hallowed Ground - Eddie W. Shore - 07-15-2022 01:42 PM

Should I ever visit Oregon again, Corvallis is going to be one of my stops.