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HP calculator Service Manuals - James Linder - 07-05-2022 02:48 AM

A question for the more technical members.

Why is the 97 Desktop Service and Repair Manual the only one of this type of manual widely available to us on the internet?

It’s obvious one of these for a 67, 29C and 34C would be very useful to those of us attempting our own repairs.

I have to believe HP had these manuals for more than just their top of the line desktop model. Wiring diagrams and component sizes and decision trees for making repairs! It’s a goldmine!

Did HP produce others and if so where are they? Is it a matter of owners of the few manuals that exist not wanting to share them?

I’ve wondered about this for several years now!

RE: HP calculator Service Manuals - Gene - 07-05-2022 03:37 AM


and a few more for peripherals.

These manuals (?) are available here:


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