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HP11C ++ - Mike T. - 01-30-2022 02:04 PM

Did anyone ever get to the bottom of this ...?


RE: HP11C ++ - damaltor - 02-16-2022 10:11 AM

This is very interesting. I might have a few parts left, but they are in storage and i am pretty sure that i dont have a fitting calculator to try...

RE: HP11C ++ - Dave Britten - 02-16-2022 03:14 PM

Quite intriguing. I'd be reluctant to open up any of my 11Cs and 15Cs and start moving chips around to see what happens, but this might be something that could be experimented with using an emulator to find out if the 11C ROM does indeed support additional memory. The 42S can be upgraded from 8 KB to 32 KB by simply swapping the SRAM chip and closing a jumper on the PCB to tell the "OS" to use more RAM, so maybe something similar is possible in the 11C!

It's also worth mentioning that Swiss Micros has a special firmware for their DM15L that provides additional memory (can't remember how much, but it's enough that I'm tempted to order one). Figuring out how they patched the ROM and/or emulator for that model might be a good place to start.

RE: HP11C ++ - J-F Garnier - 02-16-2022 03:54 PM

No need to move chips.
Since this 20-years old post, we got "true emulators" (meaning: that use the genuine ROM), starting from Nonpareil (well, it didn't use the "genuine" ROM but that's not important here).
And the result is: nothing happens if you plug more RAM registers.

To make the 15C ROM use the extra registers, several ROM locations must be changed (patched). SwissMicros and a few others did it.
I'm not aware that it has been done or is even possible with the 11C.

My hypothesis about the special 11C mentioned in the original post: it may be a HP-15C board mounted inside a HP-11C housing.
Since the 11C and 15C keyboards are very similar, it may give the impression, with just a quick inspection, of a 11C with 448 program steps.
Of course I may be wrong.


RE: HP11C ++ - Dave Britten - 02-16-2022 04:23 PM

Occam's razor suggests that's probably the best theory. Smile You'd have to go digging into the shifted functions to really tell the two apart.