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HP 35s text abilities - tubemax - 09-24-2021 02:32 PM

Hi There,

I'm new to this forum, just got my HP35S and found that you can use alphabetic letters to enrich your program to be more human.
Try following program:

A001 LBL A
A002 ENTER VALUE > use EQN key + RCl and letter for your text, each letter needs another RCL
A003 0.11 > example of 0.11 Ampers of current going trough resistor of entered value
A004 x > multiply to get Voltage drop form resistor value
A005 STO A
A006 RCL A
A007 0.11 > same current
A008 x > multiply with result to get power dissipation trough resistor
A009 RTN

It will ask you to enter the value of resistor ( for example 220 Ohm ) and then it will compute voltage drop across and power dissipation.
I could expand program for different Current value ( already in program as a 0,11 Amps ) as well, but just for posterity that it's possible to have text messages built in your program almost like HP41C.

Best regards!