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RE: Hardware Voyager Emulator - Dave Britten - 02-28-2022 02:09 PM

(02-27-2022 05:51 PM)agarza Wrote:  On the AVR Programming Adaptor Image Gallery, you can get an idea of how to connect it.

I totally agree with your suggestions for the 3d bumper case. I will add a hole to access programming. And see if I can add covers to the holes.

Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks, that clears it up! Should be a cinch to assemble.

RE: Hardware Voyager Emulator - LuoDan2016 - 03-01-2022 02:50 PM

Who can send me a font file? It is used to display the time date as well as the code label. Thank you。。
I need it very much...