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DM42pcm-3.19.7 DM42 firmware mod released - ljubo - 05-21-2021 09:14 PM


The new version of the "Persistent Custom Menu" firmware mod can be downloaded from: DM42pcm-3.19.7. For more info please read README.md

  • Fixed crash when pressing shift during show command.
See the full changelog here: CHANGELOG.md

Firmware mod functionality
  • Custom menu is the base menu - custom commands are (almost) always directly accessible
    • In some cases custom menu will not be displayed - simple press at "Exit" will bring it back
  • Shift is temporary switching to the "upper" custom menu - those commands are just an additional click away
  • Shift-CUSTOM activates default DM42 F-Button functionality (also making possible to turn persistent custom menu off)
  • In the Prgm mode Exit will exit custom menu - makes easy to access up and down arrows
  • Entering other menus will of course exit Custom menu
  • F3 key functionality
    • F3 will start "DM42F3" user program
    • Shift-F3 is toggling persistent custom menu functionality

Note: This firmware is neither provided by nor supported by SwissMicros