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41CX plug-in modules - MAOstrov - 04-26-2021 04:34 PM

Is the HP 82180A / Extended Function/memory module required by the 41CX in order to fully control HPIL peripherals?

RE: 41CX plug-in modules - BillBee - 04-26-2021 05:56 PM

The CX has the X-Functions built in. Do a Cat 2 and you should see the listing.

As far as HPIL - I don't have one so I cannot comment on it.


RE: 41CX plug-in modules - rprosperi - 04-26-2021 06:01 PM

As Bill said, the Ext-Func/mem module is built in to the 41CX, and no, it has no impact on HP-IL, the commands for all HP-IL use come in the HP-IL module, 82160A.

RE: 41CX plug-in modules - Garth Wilson - 04-26-2021 07:02 PM

MAOstrov, you might be thinking instead of the Extended I/O module, not the Extended-Functions/Extended-Memory module. The HP-IL module gives you all the basics, but the XIO's added functions definitely improve the capability and flexibility. I bought my HP-IL and XIO modules merged from the start, ie, the XIO module was built into the HP-IL module (so the two together only take one port), before I ever saw it; so I tend to forget which module the various words are in.

In many cases, you won't absolutely need a module that may initially sound necessary; it's just that the module offers advantages. For example, there's a module for using the HP3421A data-acquisition unit with the 41, but it's really just to keep you from having to look up individual 3421 commands, IIRC. I used the 3421A at work for a while in the 1980's I did fine without the module.