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(SR-52) Capacitive Reactance - SlideRule - 01-23-2021 01:24 PM

An excerpt from Inside the SR-52, 73 Amateur Radio, #207, Dec-77, pgs. 198-199

"   The programmable pocket
computer is a very powerful
tool, and, whether you write
your own programs or use
those of someone else, it is a
constant joy. For those of
you who have recently
bought your first instrument
but have not mastered the
knack of programming, here
is a simple program to calculate
Xc, capacitive reactance.
   Simply stated, the formula
for capacitive reactance says:
Xc in Ohms is equal to the
reciprocal of frequency in
Hertz times capacitance in
farads times the quantity 2
pi. What a drag to wade
through that humbug. But
with the accompanying for-
rmula keyed into your favorite
SR-52 or SR-56, it suddenly
all becomes child's play.

   Now, let 's key into the
machi ne the program in Table
1. "