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FRAM71 Tool Kit Update - Dave Frederickson - 01-13-2021 10:02 PM

The FRAM71 manual provides instructions to load ROM images using the 82164A HP-IL/RS232-C Interface. This tool kit provides the essential tools and instructions for loading ROM images into FRAM71 using a PIL-Box or 9114 disc drive.

The single LIF image contains:
ROMCOPY - The tool for copying ROM images or multiple files in an IRAM
MEMBUF - An updated version of Paul Berger's program for displaying memory configuration
Programs to copy hard-coded images to FRAM71
Images of the FORTH/Assembler, 41 Translator, and Diagnostic ROM's

Examples cover:
Loading ROM images
Using the SYSRAM feature

Version 1.1
PEEKUTIL updated to DESAL which has an unrestricted POKE command
Added T2R to copy the Translator ROM
Examples are more complete

Version 1.2
Added F2R2 which in addition to loading the HC FORTH ROM, installs two patches.

Version 1.3
Replaced Diag ROM image with 16K version.

Version 1.4
KEYBOARD LEX in FORTHROM updated to Rev. C.

Version 1.5
FORTHROM file updated to Rev. 1B.

Version 1.6
Reduced Toolkit image size to 4k

FRAM71 Toolkit v1.6 .lif