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RE: Are the latest 50g cheaply made? - Michael de Estrada - 06-09-2014 04:26 PM

(06-07-2014 07:55 PM)Wes Loewer Wrote:  
(06-07-2014 06:36 PM)HP67 Wrote:  How are you determining the manufacture date? I bought a few recently and I have only one open. I have no idea whether I got new old stock or new production. My screen has no red tint that I have noticed.

I was referring to the purchase dates, but an old comp.sys.hp48 message indicates that on the 49g+ the first digit of the serial number is the manufacture year and the next two are the week. The one I bought in May 2007 has a number starting with 710 which would put it in March of 2007 so that seems consistent.

I'm not sure I would have noticed the very slight reddish tint of the 2009 model by itself, but when I put it next to my 2007 model, it was noticeable. I certainly noticed that I had a harder time reading it.


I have one that I bought in February, 2009 with date code 720 (20th week of 2007) and one I bought recently in January, 2014 with date code 229 (29th week of 2012). I cannot see any difference between their screens and the overall quality appears to be the same.