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(41C) Pressure Vessel Stresses - SlideRule - 08-03-2020 02:56 AM

An excerpt from Programmable Calculator Stress Analysis, Los Alamos National Laboratory NM, LA-UR-83-147, 1983

     Advanced programmable alphanumeric calculators are well suited for closed-form calculation of pressure-vessel stresses. They offer adequate computing power, portability, special programming features, and simple interactive execution procedures. Representative programs that demonstrate calculator capabilities are presented. Problems treated are stress and strength calculations in thick-walled pressure vessels and the computation of stresses near head/pressure-vessel junctures …

     Representative pressure vessel analysis programs that demonstrate programmable capabilities have been developed for use with HP41C/HP41CV programmable calculators. Problems treated are head-to-cylinder intersection stress calculations and stress, yield pressure, and limit pressure computations for thick-walled spherical and cylindrical vessels. Programs were written to emphasize the value of special programming features. Descriptions of problems treated, program flowcharts and partial listings, results of computations, and discussions of programming features used are presented …