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RE: NutStudio tools 3.1.1 available - hth - 07-31-2020 05:01 AM

Yes, I know it is possible to cross compile. I just had a look and Raspberry Pi OS is now available in 64-bit. While my current code base is currently on older versions of GHC and Clang, I can set up a toy project to test cross compiling using Docker. If successful, I will have a good foundation for cross compiling to ARM later.

Regarding other Linux distros, I will keep an eye on the market. I may add another one, but I like to where there is actual interest. Fedora was mentioned, there is also SUSE that seems popular in Europe and I use Arch on my own main machine now.

I need to keep the number of OS variants down as I have other products in the pipeline from the same code base and the OS variants multiply with the products. Apart from building and testing, I also need to support it for some time and solve issues.

The source is not published as it is part of a larger code base that is locked source. Building the products is sadly a bit of a chore due to the large number of components involved that have to come together.