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(42) Exchange Rate - Gamo - 05-17-2020 12:39 PM

This small routine used SOLVER to calculate the Exchange Rate.

Exchage Rate calculation is very easy to do manually that most

people here known this very well if one need to do repetitive

problem one need to store the RATE amount and either use

the multiply or divide to go through specific direction.


For this little routine that used the SOLVER feature will

shown three soft menu on display for easy access as

[RATE] [A] [B]

The RATE amount is always there until user change it.


Formula used: (A x RATE) - B = 0

A is the Original
B is the New

[Orange Key] [SOLVER] [EXC]

Display shown soft menu: [RATE] [A] [B]

Set Rate Amount and either [A] or [B]


Example: Exchange Rate between USA and Japan $1 = 107.05


107.05 [RATE] display RATE=107.05

To check: 1 [A] display A=1.00 [B] display B=107.05

This will let you know that [A] is USA and [B] is Japan


$55 is how much in Japanese Yen?

55 [A] display A=55.00 [B] display B=5,887.75


10,000 Yen is how many US Dollars?

10000 [B] display B=10,000.00 [A] dispaly A=93.41


00 {34-Byte Prgm}
01 LBL "EXC"
03 MVAR "A"
04 MVAR "B"
05 RCL "A"
07 x
08 RCL "B"
09 -
10 RTN
11 END

Remark: This program can be use as other RATE problem like Unit Conversion.

Gamo 5/17/2020