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Conn Kit crashes when displaying Prime state info - mfleming - 03-13-2020 08:05 PM

I hate to ask a question for which there probably is no answer, but here goes anyway...

I updated to the latest (2020 01 16) connectivity kit and firmware release. With my Prime (hardware C) connected to the Connectivity Kit, I can drag programs to the calculator, send applications to the kit and take screen snapshots. But when I open the calculator icon to see the apps, variables, etc. I see the green transfer bar a few times, after which the kit crashes. I can actually see the icon tree being populated, but the kit exits at the very end of the content refresh activity.

I've seen this behavior in the past, but it usually only happens now and then before a connection is established. It now happens every time I try to view calculator content. In the Calculators/<calculator name> subdirectory of the conn kit I see the kit has managed to refresh all of the standard app folders.

I've tried all the usual cable swapping tricks, and even uninstalled McAfee to eliminate it as the culprit. My hardware model A, software 2018 10 16 Prime works fine with the latest connectivity kit, so I don't plan to update to the latest firmware release. Any suggestions before I downgrade my Prime C to the previous firmware release?


RE: Conn Kit crashes when displaying Prime state info - Tim Wessman - 03-16-2020 12:27 AM

It really seems more like there is a program/file/app that is corrupted in your data set and silently causing more and more problems on the old version. I suspect finding it and reinstalling will give you better results in the long run instead of reverting.

Don't know if that is the case however. Once found if you go that route, please send the file to us so we can try to determine a root cause if possible.

RE: Conn Kit crashes when displaying Prime state info - mfleming - 03-16-2020 03:39 PM

That's a very helpful clue. I noticed at first that the folder content was refreshed on the PC side but not the programs or variables. Expanding some of the icon tree while the kit was reading the Prime would cause those portions to be written to the PC as well. Perhaps I can identify the corrupted item by seeing what is not refreshed.

I'll see if I can identify the offending file and send it. If not, well, I can always wipe the Prime and reload content!