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How to use the ML debugger in JAZZ - cahlucas - 01-03-2020 06:34 PM

Hi all,

I have a problem with the machine language debugger in Jazz. This concerns both version 6.8 for the HP-48GX and the version for the HP-50g. If I offer a string with only one command, as described in the manuals, it works OK, but if I offer an assembly program it goes wrong. If I offer the program in string form, I get an "Undefined Name" error message, and an "Externel" remains on the stack. After disassembly, this appears to be a "FALSE". If I do the same with a program in code form, then the soft menu disappears for a moment, and then reappears, the code program also disappears, nothing else happens. If I specify a variable name that contains the program, then exactly the same happens, so with a string an error message, and with code the name disappears. According to the manual, I don't do anything wrong, so I wonder what's going on here. How should I use this debugger? I look forward to an answer. Sincerely, Karel.