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What a wonderful year... - Giancarlo - 12-31-2019 02:38 PM

The end of the year is always the moment to think about what happen during the year and, thinking about my calculators collection I can say it has been a very successful year!

This year I found some very interesting things for my calculators because I focused on finding manuals written in Italian. While I normally read English manuals because they are generally more accurate than translations I have to say that I found some pretty old and interesting manuals in Italian in 2019:
- hp71b manuale operativo (operative manual)
- Hp71b manuale di riferimento (reference manual)
- hp41 modulo temporizzatore (time module)
- hp41 ingegneria meccanica (mech engineering)
- hp41 estensione memoria (X-mem and X-func)
- hp41 lettore ottico (wand)
- hp41 hp-IL
- hp48 manuale di uso e programmazione (srs Software)

On top of this when the year was very close to completion (last week ;+), I was very happy to win on TAS an hp48 card for civil engineering from an Italian company called ‘Più Impresa’.

While I wish you a very pleasant happy new year, please tell what you found for your collection in 2019.

Happy new year,


P.s. please don’t ask for a scanned versions. The scanner is a 2020 project...

RE: What a wonderful year... - Sylvain Cote - 12-31-2019 10:41 PM

Hello Giancarlo,

I wish you a great, healthy and happy new year! ... and to all the forum users as well. Smile

(12-31-2019 02:38 PM)Giancarlo Wrote:  ... please tell what you found for your collection in 2019.

On the colection side, this year was a slow one. This is what I acquired this year: (n = several)
  • HP-67 _: n x 67/97 Solution Books (I now have 39 of the 40 solutions books made by HP)
  • HP-67 _: 1 x 67/97 Surveying Pac 1 (I now have all pacs with original box and content)
  • HP-41C : n x 41C, CV & CX
  • HP-41C : n x 41C memory modules (for personal hardware projects)
  • HP-41C : 1 x 82153A wand box (completing another HP-41C wand kit)
  • HP-41C : 1 x 41 Users Library August 1983 Software Catalog which include the last HP Key Notes Aug 1983 V8 N2 in color (thank you Robert)
  • HP-41C : 1 x Racetrack Calculator Module & the associated book Beat The Racetrack
  • HP-41C : 1 x Financial Planner Executive Financial Manual
  • HP-41C : 1 x SUP-R-ROM Module with Manual
  • HP-41C : 1 x Log Analysis ROM Module with Manual
  • HP-41C : 1 x 16K ZEPROM with Surveying ROM in it (another one, I still need to make an image of all my Surveying ZEPROM's)
  • HP-41C : 1 x HePaX original box & manual (unfortunately missing the HePaX module but I filled it with a NoV-64 module as a replacement)
  • HP-41C : 1 x W&W HP-41CY TURBO (now fully working, thanks to Jürgen solution)
  • HP-41C : 1 x Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall EPROM Box with all the documentations
  • HP-41C : 1 x Transfer/41 for MS-DOS (thank you Bruce for providing the missing software)
  • HP-41C : 1 x NoV-64d module (collection of Diego Diaz modules is now complete)
  • HP-41C : 1 x 41CL v5 with Time Module (my seventh one)
  • HP-71B : 1 x 71B 1BBBB (yes another one)
  • HP-71B : 1 x Forth/Assembler module
  • HP-75D : 1 x 75D (yep another one)
  • HP-75D : 1 x 92267A Barcode Wand (thank you Robert)
  • HP-IL _ : 1 x 6632A System Digital DC Power Supply 0-20V/0-5A, 100W (with HP-IL interface)
  • HP-32S : 1 x 32SII (replacement unit for the one in my collection that died)
  • HP-48 _: 1 x 48S (replacement unit for the one in my collection that died)
  • HP-48 _: 1 x 82210A 41CV Emulator Card Pac manual for HP-48SX (kit is now complete: card, overlay, manual & box)
  • HP-48 _: 1 x GRID 1MB BLANK RAM Card for HP-48GX
  • Special : 1 x HP watch - not the HP-01 Sad

RE: What a wonderful year... - Helix - 12-31-2019 11:18 PM

It was a fruitful year for my small collection.

I was losing hope of finding a working HP 67 in decent cosmetic condition and at a reasonable cost, and this year I eventually found two of them in this state! This is certainly the acquisition of which I'm the most proud.

I also pruchased several non-HP calculators:
- Sharp PC-E500S with standard 32KB RAM, very cheap.
- Sharp PC-E500S with built-in 256KB RAM.
- TI 92 Plus
- TI Voyage 200
- Casio FX 9860G Slim (second one)
- Casio FX CG50 (I have also the white version: Graph 90+E)

To be complete, I should mention several slide rules in pristine condition (Pickett N3-T, Pickett N4-ES, K&E Deci-Lon…), and a very nice mechanical calculator Walther WSR 160 (the second one for me).

Happy new year Smile

RE: What a wonderful year... - edryer - 01-07-2020 06:23 AM

Only picked up a 28S (as per previous post) do not really collect (but am going to start) and although I have a few machines I generally make a lot of use from them as working tools.

This year will pick up another 28S hopefully.