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AECROM in NoV-64d and i41CX - Klaus Overhage - 09-07-2019 01:43 PM

this my first post ever, so i will try my best. I am a new owner of a NoV-64d modul and have made two experience, that I like to share.

First on my Windows 10 Pro 64 bit PC the programmer don't work with a long USB-cable plug into a blue USB-3.1-Port. The steps
- Programming ROM
- Progragmming EPROM
- Verify ROM
are working.
Next I see "Error..." and a Messagebox with "The board is not responding…". Plugged into the HP-41CX, the NoV-64d was invisible then.

It works well with a short USB cable on a black USB 2.0 port.

Second I programm a AECROM into the NoV-64d and make COPYROM to page 10 and 11. The part with the unit-conversen works very well. I can switch the mode with holding down the ON-key. No Problem so far.
Then I try to use the PROG-command. I can Input the Programname and the Formular. After R/S the HP-41CX go off suddenly. The very same is happen with my iPhone App i41CX with HEPAX in Port1 and the AECROM in any other port.

A workaround is to connect a HP 82143A Printer. Then the HP-41CX don't go off after the R/S and I can "ENTER:LBL,CONS.". Again it is the same with the real HP-41CX and the i41CX App, where a Printer is build in and can be disabled.

Without HEPAX in Port1 there is no Problem with the AECROM in the App.

Best Regards

RE: AECROM in NoV-64d and i41CX - Diego Diaz - 09-08-2019 07:15 PM

Hi Klaus,

And welcome to the forum and our HP-41 enthusiasts community.

I'm curious about this AECROM/HEPAX (or NoV for that matter) interaction.

Do you have a 41C or CV to test if it also behaves the same?



RE: AECROM in NoV-64d and i41CX - Klaus Overhage - 09-08-2019 08:24 PM

Hi Diego,
I don‘t have a real 41C or CV. The app i41CX have a CV-mode. In this it all works fine, the calculator don‘t switch off by itself.
When a Printer is connected and on in MAN-mode, then the formular is print. This happen in real and in the app. I think it is this try to print after entering the formular that make the problem. I can not understand the reason why the aecrom print the formular and nothing else when I use the PROG-command.

Your NoV-64d is fantastic, I love it and can use ROMs now, that I only can dream of before.

Best Regards