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(HP-67/97) LORAN-C Triplets - position determination - SlideRule - 08-24-2019 12:29 PM

An extract from Position determination with Loran-C triplets and the Hewlett-Packard HP-67/97 programmable calculators, Naval Postgraduate School, NPS55-80-010, MAR 1980 (58 pgs)

This report presents an algorithm and HP-67/97 programs for position determination with Loran-C chains. Operational data cards are prepared in advance for Loran-C triplets. Position determination is performed using a single program card and an appropriate operational data card.

B. Program Description
One program card and one operational data card (described below) are all that is required for on-location position determination from Loran triplet time-difference measurements. Two program cards are required to prepare operational data cards; these operational data cards should be prepared and validated prior to on-location navigational use. Thus although three program cards are described only one program card is required for navigation; two program cards are used to prepare operational data cards during or prior to mission planning The function of each program card and its intended use follows.
Program Card 1 . This program card is used to prepare master data cards …
Program Card 2 . This program card is used to prepare an operational data card for every Loran triplet within an operational area …
Program Card 3 . This program card is used in conjunction with an operational data card for position determination …

C. HP-67/97 Calculator Programs
1. User Instructions
2. Sample Problem
3. Program Storage Allocations and Program Listings …"
program listing - pgs 15-22

Very thorough!