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(41C) Radiographic Total Lung Capacity - SlideRule - 08-17-2019 11:24 AM

An extract from Program for Calculation of Radiographic Total Lung Capacity

"A program for calculation or radiographic total lung capacity aided by a programmable calculator was published in this journal (Bencowitz HZ, Shigeoka JW. Radiographic total lung capacity determination aided by a programmable calculator. (AMERICAN REVIEW OF RESPIRATORY DISEASE 1980: 122:791-794). A worksheet was included that incorporated instructions for running the program on a Tl-59 (Texas Instruments) calculator. I have rewritten the program to run on an HP-41C (Hewlett-Packard) calculator, another very common hand-held programmable calculator. The program is shown in table 1. The calculator must be in ''user" mode, the "2nd E" step must be omitted, and "R/S'' must be pressed for each measurement level. Otherwise the instructions are identical to those included in the previous publication. Detailed instructions regarding actual measurements and calculations are available on request. I believe that this will be useful to anyone with an interest in this area."