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(41CV) Properties of Gas & Vapors - SlideRule - 08-06-2019 12:09 PM

An extract (pgs. 455-458) from;
Pipeline Rules of Thumb Handbook: quick and accurate solutions to your everyday pipeline problems
W.E. McAllister, editor—5th ed
Rev. ed. of: Pipe line rules of thumb handbook. 4th ed. 1998
Gulf Professional Publishing

Properties of Gas and Vapors;
"This program, designed for the HP-41CV calculator, will provide:
1. Compressibility factor Z, dimensionless.
2. Specific weight (or density), lb/ft³.
3. Mixture molecular weight M, dimensionless.
4. Mixture critical temperature T⒞, °R.
5. Mixture critical pressure P⒞, psia.
6. Mixture ratio of specific heats C⒫/C⒱, dimensionless.
7. Mixture normal boiling point latent heat of vaporization HV, Btu/lb.

…Two programs are available. Program A calculates items 1–5 and program B calculates items 6–7. Initiate desired program by pressing A or B."

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