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Stencil - Leviset - 05-15-2019 02:52 PM

Does anyone know where I might find/buy a stencil (plastic or steel) that has Mathematical Symbols e.g. with things like Greek Math Letters and often used symbols like ⋐⋉⋸⩰Ωδ∜∫∀ please?
I’ve found lots of EE symbols and one with Greek Letters but can’t find a dedicated Math stencil.
I have an old plastic Standardgraph plastic stencil ruler with upper and lower case letters - I’m looking for something similar but with the symbols mentioned above.
The reason and why I can’t use a paper printout as a guide is that I’m trying to engrave math symbols on to a curved steel surface with an electric engraving tool.

RE: Stencil - Ken S - 05-15-2019 05:36 PM

Keuffel & Esser made the Leroy lettering sets back in the day. They had many specialty templates including Greek and Math. Not sure if you could use an engraver with one of their scribers though.

There were some specialty systems made with a scriber that had an engraver on it, but you are not likely to find one of those.

Since they are designed to hold technical pens you could probably create a point which would fit that could work to lightly etch the metal.

RE: Stencil - Androsynth - 05-15-2019 09:13 PM

Your best bet is probably to get something like a font stencil of what you want, like this:

Greek Letter Stencil

And then convert it to a 3d printing design, which you can custom order from any of the million online 3d printing stores.

You can follow many online guides:

How to convert an image to 3d printing model