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CO-OP 41 Data Collector? - Ken S - 05-05-2019 09:59 PM

Hi all,

Do any of you have any information on this unit or have a manual for it? I bought a complete (maybe) unit which came with a 41CX with a switched speed up installed. It came with the TDS Co-Op Instrument and Surveying modules and the calculator and modules seem to work fine but I am having trouble creating files in the Data collectors memory.

Without a manual I am not sure if I am working it correctly but I have managed to create files in extended memory.

When I try to create a file in the data collector memory it appears to work and memory available drops but it doesn't show up in the directory. Memory shows 64,490 before trying to create a file.

When running a directory a display shows gibberish for a second or two then shows the memory available. It almost seems like I need to format the memory but hav no idea how to.

Not sure if I am just doing something wrong, if the unit is not working or if there is an internal battery which needs charged or replaced.

I am trying to build a list of commands, what they do and the required input for each which is helped somewhat by a quick reference for a Co-Op Sun Shooter rom which shares many of the same surveying commands but has nothing on the data collector.

Any help would be appreciated.


RE: CO-OP 41 Data Collector? - Ángel Martin - 05-06-2019 02:12 PM

(05-05-2019 09:59 PM)Ken S Wrote:  Do any of you have any information on this unit or have a manual for it?

I have a couple of manuals for the TDS CO-OP 41 Surveying Module, Instrument Module and Plotter Module. Files are too large for my allotted room in the forum, send me a PM with your email address and I'll shoot them over to you.


RE: CO-OP 41 Data Collector? - Ken S - 05-06-2019 05:04 PM

Thanks Angel,

PM sent.