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Favorite Fluids for fluid changes on Calcs - Vagn Anderssen - 05-11-2014 02:45 PM

For fluids change, what is your preference?

This is a 100% critical process, often overlooked. You fluids change your Saab or Volvo or Maserati, why neglect your calcs????

I use:

Armour all Ultra Shine as a finisher.

Pro-Gold for gold contact enhancement


ClearAudiio UHE Contact Cleaner


High end Rubber cleaner:


In reverse order

First, you use the Clearaudio to clean it the contacts of all sorts, then the Pro-Gold on the contacts (e.g. for where you plug modules into the 41/71/48 etc)

Then clean the rubbers. then detail the calc first with soft contact cleaner then the high gloss.

Finally, if you can find it, use O2 blocker on the interior:


This REVERSES oxidation. Great on older units. even makes the keys snappier.

Next gentle starch lubricant applied with a cloth on rails and hinges for modules. Use any high end one of your choice.

Finally, AAA Lithiums are a must when useable.