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Finding a Prime G2 in Ireland - rdpierce - 04-28-2019 01:55 PM

I've heard the Prime G2 is only available in Europe. While I live in the US, I happen to be traveling in Ireland, and I was hoping I could find one here, saving the delay and cost of international shipping. (And I could probably get a VAT refund too.)

That said, I have no idea where I could find a brick and mortar store that would carry one. Any advice?


RE: Finding a Prime G2 in Ireland - cyrille de brébisson - 04-29-2019 04:45 AM


The easiest would be to get one ordered and shipped to wherever you are going to Ireland.
Brick and mortar shop that sells HP are quite rare:-(


RE: Finding a Prime G2 in Ireland - rdpierce - 05-10-2019 06:19 PM

Thanks. I ended up buying one from amazon.co.uk and having it shipped.

I paid 149 GBP / 201 USD with VAT and shipping it to our Dublin hotel. Ouch!!! It arrived and is a 2AP18AA#B15 with EMEA on the security label.

Unfortunately, even though I'm exporting it out of the EU, I can't get a VAT refund because amazon.co.uk doesn't support them.

But all things considered, I'm returning to university a week from Monday, so I didn't want to take chances. My beloved HP48GX that got me through high school and university 23 years ago was dead when I found it (battery leak and the power button was barely working) and neither of the sites offering to repair them would return calls or emails.