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User Alpha+key assignments - Wes Loewer - 04-16-2019 06:55 PM

The "Create user key" recognizes Alpha+key for Esc, Dot, Space, and the arrow keys, but not for the other keys which do not have a default alpha character (Apps, Home, Symb, etc.) Even if you manually create a KEY KA_Apps() entry, pressing Alpha+Apps calls the KEY K_Apps() entry instead.

Is this intentional? The User Guide (p617) and the release notes from Firmware Version: 2018 01 24 (13333) suggest that this should work.

Quote:6. User key defines have been repositioned in the key handling process. They now will be done FIRST before anything else
a. Now all keys can be defined except SHIFT button, OFF and USER key.

Since these Alpha+keys don't already have a meaning, they would be perfect for assigning them as User keys.