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(19BII) Successive Discounts (1-3) - SlideRule - 12-24-2018 03:07 PM

Successive Discounts

"Successive discount is the discount offered on the discount. It is similar to compound interest (interest on interest). Let us have an example to understand yhe concept. Let the original price of a CD be 'x', a shopkeeper offers a discount of 'y%' and again 'z%' on the new price."

What will be the discount on the selling price of the CD?
The total discount can be calculated as: y + z - yz/100 %
The selling price can be calculated as: x - (y + z - yz/100) × x

note:Now if three successive discounts are given as x%, y% & z% respectively & you need to calculate the total discount, then calculate the total discount due to x% & y% using the above formula, then calculate the overall discount using this total discount & z%."


%DT = total discount
%I = initial discount
%J = second discount
%K = third discount

if %I = 30, %J = 50, %K = 0 then %DT = 65

if %I = 5, %J = 10, %K = 15 then %DT = 27.325

note: material in italics form web source