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HP Prime Virtual..crashes Windows7 &10 - toshk - 09-14-2018 08:03 PM

My virtual crashes at every other time i try to start it on both of my PC (Win7,10)
When it does start it fails to load my applications, programs...etc.
At file location of virtual is see updated date of various new/old applications.
reinstalling/repair of virtual has not help....any help?

RE: HP Prime Virtual..crashes Windows7 &10 - DrD - 09-14-2018 08:18 PM

My next step would be to use C-F-O On and select format drive c.

RE: HP Prime Virtual..crashes Windows7 &10 - Voldemar - 09-14-2018 09:25 PM

Is Windows updatet? I have not experienced such crashes of virtual Prime.

RE: HP Prime Virtual..crashes Windows7 &10 - Tim Wessman - 09-15-2018 03:58 AM

If you change <mydocuments>/HP Prime/Calculators/Prime to a different name "Prime_old" and restart, does it run? I'm assuming that something in the saved data is the culprit here. Are you restoring a backup or something similar? Or loading specific programs?

Please send that file to me if it runs once you aren't loading it anymore or manage to find which thing is breaking it. Then I can try to identify what is going wrong.

RE: HP Prime Virtual..crashes Windows7 &10 - toshk - 09-15-2018 05:09 AM

restoring backups don't work at all;->crashes;
it seems virtual can not find the location of files-><mydocuments>/HP Prime/Calculators/Prime
when it does open after crash it does not load -><mydocuments>/HP Prime/Calculators/Prime
when i create an app or work on the opened virtual i see updates on-> <mydocuments>/HP Prime/Calculators/Prime .
i have few custom apps and programs-><mydocuments>/HP Prime/Calculators/Prime same as in my Prime Hardware.