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HP-41 USB bidirectional comms (double checked... :-) - Diego Diaz - 04-21-2014 04:58 AM

Hi all,

Once the problems reported after the first release (V.3) have been addressed; the new and double checked revision (V.4) is available for download.

Despite the fact that this version has been double checked for funtionality (thanks to Ángel for his time and support on these tests) this is *still* preliminary and therefore some bugs may arise.

Please report any such bug you may find in order to help further debugging. If possible, also report proper functionality and your HP-41/PC system configuration when testing.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This version uses page 15 instead of page 7 as the source page for the PC -> HP-41 transfer. For HP-41 -> PC transfer you may use any destination page of your choice, even the same surce page (which is recommended in order to avoid an unwanted RAM page overwriting).

Thanks for your patience and have a nice week.