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anti-Identity matrix for Casio calculators - klesl - 05-18-2018 07:54 AM

This small code creates m×n anti-Identity matrix. It is for fx-9860 and similar calcs with matrix. For using with ClassPad the code has to be adapted which is very easy.
An enter is pressed at the end of row.
"Dim"?->M:M->I:{M,M}->Dim Mat A/put here an output triangle - opt./
Fill(1,Mat A):Mat A/put here an output triangle- opt./
0->Mat A [I, I]
LpWhile I>0
Mat A/put here an output triangle/

The Idea is simple- create square M×M zero matrix and replace values in the diagonal cells

1. Command "Dim" creates square M×M zero matrix
2. Command "Fill" replaces zero elements with 1
3. Command "Do" repeats the loop till the condition I>0
4. 0->Mat A [I, I] assigns 0 to all diagonal cells
5. Command "lpWhile" ends the loop when the condioit is achieved
M - dimension of Matrix
I - index of cell position (30, 29, 28)
[I.I] - index of diagonal cells
Mat A - created matrix A
Notes: You can delete the first two triangles marked as opt., because I use them for visual checking of created matrix
Also You can add the "Det" command (Det Mat A) at the end of the program to calculate the determinant automatically

RE: anti-Identity matrix for Casio calculators - brickviking - 05-18-2018 11:55 PM

Thanks for that. I knew it must have been something simple, but I wasn't sure how to do it at the time that I asked. I did try making a 30x30 matrix on the older calculator (the 9750g+), but though I could create the matrix, I couldn't then work with it (then duplicating its contents into Mat Ans) because there simply wasn't enough room left on the calculator when I had other programs installed as well.

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