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Mandelbrot - Geoff - 05-08-2018 01:04 AM

Got my Prime about a month ago, and wanted to learn this new programming language. Big change from previous HP's (25C, 28S, 41CV, 48GS). It's been decades since I did any Basic or Pascal.

I'm calling it a Beta as I know it's not ready for prime time, but I'm putting it out here anyway. The colour schemes are very much a work in progress. The code works for me using the 13441 update.

At this stage there are only a few things you can do.
  • Tap the screen to zoom in by a factor of 2.
  • Hit Backspace to zoom out by a factor of 2.
  • Hit C to select a new colour scheme. The zoom will remain the same.
  • Hit ESC when you're done.
The Prime may not be the fastest way to explore the Mandelbrot set, but I think it's fun that you can do so on your calculator. Plus I've learned lots about HP PPL in the process. Probably learned I should have had a plan instead of just jumping in the deep end!

There's lots of other stuff I want to find out about my Prime so this program may be put to the side for a bit.


Hopefully this is the right kind of attachment. I didn't want to post the program as code since it's gotten a bit long for that.