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EMU48(+) & HP82240B Printer Simulator - Vtile - 04-29-2018 02:21 PM


I'm trying to get these two programs to talk to each other in WIN7. I really do not get if the linking the two should be automatic with correct UDP port in both as default.

There seems to be no further description of the process except that the UDP port should be open for local communication in firewall (which in my case should be).

The emu48 especially lacks any explanation what I have found so far. There is no configuration page or tab for it either. Sad

I'm using the HP 50gs Emulator Package from https://www.hpcalc.org/details/7327

Any hands on routine / advice to get them work together. So I can strike out possibilities.

RE: EMU48(+) & HP82240B Printer Simulator - Vtile - 04-29-2018 02:40 PM

Ah.. I did solve the mystery...

The 50g ready made EMU48 distribution had so old EMU48.exe that it didn't support the authors printer simulator. Once I did extract the Emu48 1.57+ package over the one found in the premade 50g package I can set up the emu48 UDP port...

Simple mans, simple problems.