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RE: Full.bin version & old Black-Scholes. Flash. - Jonathan Cameron - 04-10-2014 05:47 PM

(04-10-2014 05:42 PM)Sikuq Wrote:  I see you are from Pasadena. My dad was from Chino and my grandparents had a nice Ranch style Spanish spread on Fairview Avenue with oranges in the garden. I used to turn on the underground sprinklers when the girls came over sending them screaming into the house and me running for my life. Unfortunately, the spreads are now all condos. He took me to the Santa Anita. Is it still going?

Yes they are still running horses at Santa Anita. I've never seen the races; just too interested in other things!

RE: Full.bin version & old Black-Scholes. Flash. - BarryMead - 04-10-2014 06:03 PM

(04-10-2014 05:21 PM)Jonathan Cameron Wrote:  It is slowly coming back to me! I graduated with my bachelors in '73. I remember learning on a slide rule in Junior College before transferring to Georgia Tech. I still have that slider rule. My first calculator was a TI SR-52. Then later the HP-67. I remember visiting a professors office and watching him use toggle switches to load the boot loader in a PDP-?? and then load a program from paper tape played lunar lander on it. It was a time of huge changes in computation! In my college years I went from slide rule to a glorified 4+ scientific banger (SR-52), and then finally to a real powerhouse, the HP-67. Heady days.

I still have my programming card from my college PDP-11 computer that I programmed with paper tape.
It had a WHOPPING 8K or CORE MEMORY! I remember that you had to toggle in the 14-instruction
boot-loader program which prepared the PDP to accept the normal loader from paper tape. After the
normal loader was loaded, you could load programs like the assembler, or editor into memory. The original
editor for the PDP-11 was RAM based and had a very limited source program size. I wrote my own line-by-line
editor that used the paper-tape reader/punch to write source files that were larger than the 8K RAM size.