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[BUG] Simple Issue With STO - John R. Graham - 04-01-2014 10:52 PM

Task: Try to store the value 10 into a variable named 'Test2'. RPN entry is enabled in Home Settings.

Keystrokes: 10[Enter][()][Alpha][Alpha][Shift][Alpha][Shift]Test[Alpha]2[Shift][EEX]

Result: Syntax error. There are other variables on the calculator with non-leading digits in their names. Surely this is not intended behavior. Am I missing something simple?

I should add that if I try to store to a variable named 'Test', the process succeeds, so I know it's the trailing '2' that causes the problem. However, cruft (the number stored) is left on the stack, so even this is not trouble free.

- John

RE: [BUG] Simple Issue With STO - orcinus - 04-02-2014 09:54 PM

Yeah, it works a little differently than you're used to (or me, for that matter).

There are predefined variables that will work the way you've mentioned it (put the value on the stack, put 'variableName' on the stack, hit STO).

But it doesn't work on "custom" variables (i.e. "User Variables" -- aren't all variables technically user variables?), at least not like that. This is how it goes:

1) 10
2) Test2 (<-- note: NO single quotes)
3) you get a prompt saying "Do you want to create a variable..."
4) hit OK
5) DROP (because it puts a superfluous 0 on the stack for reasons unknown)
6) now you can type 'Test2'
7) and hit STO

From now on, storing into 'Test2' will work as expected.