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math programming environments multi platform
10-07-2017, 10:55 AM
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math programming environments multi platform
In my slow quest to find a reasonably comfortable environment for programming and math*, when the 50g cannot help me because of its relatively small ram space and my poor optimizations, I started a thread to find alternatives on android.

To my surprise on android there are not many alternatives that execute locally and do not emulate other CPUs, although android itself is quite old already. Maybe this is explained by the number of downloads that such software receive ( after years, less than 10k or 100k downloads for app like the hp prime, casio classpad, mathstudio express; compared to several millions of downloads for single scientific calculators that are not that bad, like hyper calc).

Now I'd like to have such software, in the price range of the hp prime app, also on computers where I can use a physical keyboard.

I know that there are wonderful tools like Octave, Scilab and so on (and if I buy a raspi I may use mathematica and RPL/2), anyway it is also true that having a solution that can run on several common platforms it is quite a nice factor for me, because I can develop on PC and let other system compute in the meanwhile.

The only solution that satisfies this is the hp prime itself, I am not aware of any other system that runs on and it is designed for: physical calculator (or mobile device, like a smartphone), tablets, windows PC (I assume that who has a Mac/Ipad can also have afford android/windows).

Do you know any other math programming environment that is similar to the hp prime and it is robust, good and works on different operating systems and devices?

The only other solutions that I can think of is to go on lower level and start to use programming tools like fortran, that are almost ubiquitous but not that handy to use without a physical keyboard.

* that is: where the default math library is not that small without importing external libraries.

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