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Full Version: Statistics 2Var question - fit
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Don't have a Prime, thinking of getting one. What is the simplest way to access the fit parameters in Home from a fit in the Statistics 2Var app? Something analogous to 'SLOPE' and 'YINT' on a HP42S...
You can't directly access the item split apart like that. Specifically, because it supports way more fit types and so just doesn't make sense.

You can directly access calculated values of: NbItem, Corr, CoefDet, sCov, σCov, ΣXY, MeanX, ΣX, ΣX2, sX, σX, serrX, ssX, MeanY, ΣY, ΣY2, sY, σY, serrY, ssY and also return the calcualted fit as an equation if desired. Those are the exact variables names you'd use.

And then have functions to do: PredX(), PredY() and Resid(). Those are the functions.

Have you installed the emulator on windows, or on a phone to play with? You'll find the variables in the Vars key, App menu->Stat2Var and similar in the toolbox for the pred functions.
Yes, I've installed the emulator in my iPhone and on my Mac. I saw that you could access most of the other quantities that you listed and was thinking I missed slope and intercept.

I also see you can get at a few of the parameters through CAS with linear_regression and friends.

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