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Full Version: The dark and wonderful side.
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I believe the potential for the hp-41 expansion is coming to an end.
Why do not we bring our development resources back to Texas TI-58/59?
We still need an HP-41 module with a microSD card slot for lots more file storage (working like a tape or disc, not like extended-memory files), and an SPI port, and an I²C port, a vastly improved text editor, and... Smile

The TI-59's module port does not allow assembly(/machine)-laguage programs, nor any output. It's only for reading user-language programs. Is there a way to replace/augment the internal ROMs to take advantage of its machine language, form custom characters on its 7-segment LED display (which still would not allow full alphanumeric, but many of the characters can be jury-rigged), and get tighter control of the printer? Or how about to get some real I/O? Is it possible? I'm sure there are some TI-58c/59 enthusiasts who would be overjoyed. But for myself, even though that's where I started and was a very serious user for five years, I can't imagine going back to it.
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