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Full Version: Latest firmware on Mac
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I get a strange error when I try to update my real Prime with the latest Beta firmware. It says calculator with firmware version older than 2016 08 29 must be updated from a window PC. However, as can be seen, I have version 20170710 on my calculator...

Any idea ?

[Image: klMkLxp4pvptvMCo1]

It also is checking for OS version xxx.635, but *should* be checking xxx.633 and that is where the error is coming from. This was an attempt to catch people who were only updating the main calculator application and missing the OS update code (which could happen to some people and later create problems).

However, the 635 was in error and it needed to be 633 which was the first OS version that properly supported mac updating.

You can either wait for the final version, or go back to the "release" version on the connkit and then run your update with the "beta" firmware.
I've had the exact same issue. Wrote to the helpdesk and they told me the same thing. They also suggested to update using a Windows machine to get the proper OS version and then it should work on the Mac.
Well, it was probably me who gave that info to pass along. Smile
Check the post:

Update firmware: 20170710 will not install
You might find an answer there if you are installing on a Mac.

(01-14-2018 08:02 PM)Tim Wessman Wrote: [ -> ]Well, it was probably me who gave that info to pass along. Smile

LOL I might have asked directly on the forum, but I just felt like using the customer service once in a while Big Grin
Thank you everyone, I guess I will wait for the official version.

Hi Francois

If you have a Mac :and you want to update further to the Beta v3 go to http://www.hpcalc.org/prime/beta/ and download the firmware for the HP Prime.
Unzip the file: HP_Prime_Calculator_Firmware_20171211.zip to:
Next open your HP Prime Conn. Kit folder.
Locate the Firmware folder and replace the files in it with the files
from HP_Prime_Calculator_Firmware_20171211 .
Start the Conn. Kit program and try the update again.

It worked really well for me.

It doesn't work if you have an old OS. That's the point.
Hi Antonio

Im not sure what you mean by old OS but if you mean 2016 0829(10637)in your Real Prime then the method I described should work. I have a New calculator hardware version C. But I just retrieved an older one I haven't used for months. The hardware version is A and the firmware is 2016 0829 (10637). I just connected it to my Macbook Pro and had to wait a few seconds for the calculator to pick up a charge. I started the Conn. Kit program and updated Firmware in the calculator to (2017 1211 (13217)Beta) using the process I described above and the calculator works perfectly.

Hi Bernard,

if you go to Help -> Tree -> About HP Prime you will find
Software version (which is the one you also find in the firmware zip file)
CAS Version
Hardware revision
Native OS version

The latter is the OS Version I was referring to.

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