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Full Version: invoking NOTES from a program
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i would need to invoke Notes from a program in order to show some - long - text during the program execution. Is it possible?

In reality the best for me would be to have an EDITNOTES command (like the EDITMAT or the EDITLIST) to edit a note.

I know i can print a lot of text with the PRINT() command however i cannot invoke the vision of the text with the program.

Any suggestion?


Pour une application vous pouvez utiliser STARTVIEW 6 qui vous affiche la vue info de l'application qui est une note dédiée à l'application.
ANote permet d'écrire ou de lire dans cette vue.
Pour une note incluse dans le catalogue des notes, cela pourrait se faire en utilisant une application dédiée, y transférer la note avec Notes puis ANote et enfin avec STARTAPP .
Espérant avoir aider.

For an application you can use STARTVIEW 6 which shows you the info view of the application which is a note dedicated to the application.
ANote allows you to write or read in this view.
For a note included in the catalog of notes, this could be done using a dedicated application, transfer the note with Notes then ANote and finally with STARTAPP.
Hoping to help
Hello Tyann,
thank you very much for your help. I like a lot having an info view (like in the manual example afaik).
It is possible that i may convert my prg into an app. It is not excluded.

However it would be nice to have a EDITNOTES command,


Oui une cinstruction EDITNOTE serait intéressante dans le sens où elle permettrait de relancer le programme après consultation de celle-ci.
Cependant si il s'agit de pouvoir éditer une note à partir d'un programme STARTVIEW -8 vous renvoie sur la vue du catalogue des notes et là vous pouvez éditer celles-ci, mais vous ne pouvez pas relancer le programme ensuite automatiquement.

Yes a EDITNOTE instruction would be interesting in the sense that it would relaunch the program after consulting it.
However, if it is a question of being able to edit a note from a program STARTVIEW -8 will take you back to the catalog view of the notes and there you can edit them, but you can not restart the program automatically.

We completely forgot about this. Thanks for pointing it out. We will add it on the todo list (with no guaranties as to when it would be done of course).

Thank you very much Cyrille,

Get the Notes!

1. Get Notes names in a list.

2. Get a name from the list.

3. Arm the expression to execute.

4. Get the Note.

5. Show what you got.

An that's all folks!
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