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Full Version: HP56 Simulator
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Hi all,

I have completed a HP56 simulation available at http://www.teenix.org

Of course, this was a calculator that was never realised, so it is really just a work of fiction. As it might have ended up similar to the HP-91, I modelled the works mainly on that notion.

As it is only an imaginary simulation, I called it the 56i but it could present something that might have been.


(01-11-2018 09:48 PM)emersone12 Wrote: [ -> ]Any proposal to have any of your brilliant portrait layout calculator emulators made available for Android phone or Windows phone operating systems?

I looked into a multi platform compiler, but as I've ceased work for a time, so it is way out of reach. I think there are already a few simulators around for phones so I might be just reinventing the wheel :-)


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